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2016 City Championship is fast approaching.

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San Antonio Metropolitan League of Bass Clubs  |  Periodic Literature  |  Meeting Minutes

San Antonio Metropolitan League of Bass Clubs



July 18, 2018

1. Brenda Mareth, President called the meeting to order at 7:34 p.m.

  • Roll Call: Clubs attending were: Alamo, Flying Anglers, Helotes, Rebel, SABC, SAPD, and UCBC.  Clubs absent were Elite and STBC.
  • Secretary Report: The secretary presented the minutes from the June meeting by email and had copies available at the meeting.  Bill made a motion to accept, Mitch seconded and motion passed to accept minutes.
  • Treasurer's Report: Bill Freeman presented treasurer report.  Beginning Bank Balance was $37,584.49 One outstanding check to National Park Service for City Tournament. Ending checkbook balance is $37,559.49.  Ending bank balance is $37,584.49.  
  • Announcements:
    1. TABC - Next meeting will be July 28 at Cabela's - starting at 10:00.  Deadline for TABC registration entries is June 30th.
    2. We are calling for all sponsors for the City Tournament.  Sponsorships will be advertised on a banner which we will display during City Tournament and we display sponsor logo's on Metro Facebook and Metro website.
    3. Donation items are needed for the door prizes. We will keep it with each club donating $25.00 item for door prize. But are seeking other items as well. If you know of anyone that would be willing to donate let Brenda know and she can get it picked up or members can bring it to the next meeting.
    4. Registration forms will be mailed out to representatives this month and be available at the August meeting.  Susan asked that clubs take up all entries from their respective members and submit entry forms, along with a spreadsheet of members (she will provide spreadsheet) and to pay with one club check.  Deadline for registration (without late fees) will be September 25th.
    5. Brenda stated that weigh-in will be at the Weigh Station at the Marina.
    6. Brenda encouraged clubs to consider having their raffle fundraisers in conjunction with the City Tournament.  Clubs can sell tickets at registration on Friday and at the Saturday dinner. 
    7. Saturday's dinner was originally scheduled to be at the Civic Center, but the Del Rio Chamber representative let us know the Center has already been rented for the evening.  Brenda is working with them to secure another venue. Rudy's BBQ, who is catering the event, was discussed as a location, but there are concerns there would not be enough room and that the awards program would be hard to have there.  We will continue to look for an appropriate venue.
  • Business: 
    1. Perry Orne, who is the current webmaster, has asked that we use another credit card for the upkeep and fees for the website.  Currently Metro does not have an organizational credit card.  It was decided that Bill Freeman would get a debt card that ties into the bank account.  The card would be used for purchases as approved by the Officers.
    2. At the June meeting a motion was made to keep the lake off-limits the week (Monday - Friday) prior to the tournament.  The vote tied and the decision was that we would vote again at the July meeting. Bill Freeman again made a motion that the lake would be off-limits the week prior to the tournament.  Leonard Gonzales seconded the motion.  The motion was approved with Alamo, Helotes, SABC, and UCBC voting for the motion and Flying Anglers, SAPD, and Rebel voting against the motion. 
    3. Metro received a letter from a 16 year-old, Mathew Perry, an angler whose goal is to be in the Elite Series. He has competitively fished for 4 years and has been selected as a junior leader for the 2018 Bass Camp on Lake Fork.  The cost for him to participate is $600 in entry and expenses and he asked for financial help.  Susan made a motion to give him $300 to help pay expenses.  Fred Beard seconded the motion.  The motion passed.  Bill will give a check to Brenda to present to Matthew.
    4. Johnny Barnes brought back up a discussion we had in the beginning of the year about Metro providing money to Clubs who place in the top 3 of the City Tournament.  While the top 3 clubs are awarded jerseys to their top 8 anglers, no money is given to clubs who place.  There was discussion that we know this year we have the money available to include in the budget and we should invest in our clubs.  Susan made a motion that the top 3 clubs at the City Tournament would be awarded $1000 for 1st, $700 for 2nd, and $500 for 3rd.  Johnnie seconded the motion.  The motion passed.
    5. Questions arose about if we gave Falcon Lake a chance to bid on the City Tournament, because James at Falcon Lake Tackle told several people he never saw a proposal.  Brenda told us that she had submitted a proposal to the County Commission Office, but never did get a reply from them.
  • Clubs reported on their upcoming tournaments:
    • Alamo  -  
      • Fished Coleto Creek in July.  
        • 1st - Bryan Jones 29.92 lbs. 
        • 2nd - Kenny Kunz 7.59 lbs. 
        • 3rd - Hayden Hiatt 7.46 lbs. 
        • Big Bass - Bryan Jones 6.84 lbs.  
      • Next Tournament will be at Choke Canyon August 18-19.
    • Helotes - 
      • Fished Falcon in June.
      • Next Tournament will be at Amistad July 21-22
    • SABC 
      • Fished Amistad July 14 & 15  (3 fish limit)
        • 1st - Richard Drake 17.64 lbs.  
        • 2nd - Chris Eyhorn 13.55 lbs.
        • 3rd - Wayne Bell 13.29 lbs.
        • Big Bass - Richard Drake 5.80 lbs. 
        • Women's 
          • Debra Luke  - 3.60 lbs.
          • Barbara Blanchett - 1.47 lbs. 
      • Next Tournament will be at Falcon August 11-12
    • SAPD  
      • Fished Amistad on July 14 & 15  
        • 1st - Johnnie Barnes III 
        • 2nd - Sonny Osborne 
        • 3rd - Rodney Zache. 
      • Next Tournament will be on Fayette on August 11 & 12
    • UCBC
      • Fished Falcon on July 15 & 16.  
        • 1st - Steve Connelley  31.92 lbs. 
        • 2nd Jeff Mergele 31.43 lbs.
        • 3rd - Brian Hunter 24.85 lbs. 
        • Big Bass - Steve Connelley 7.44 lbs.  
        • Women's Division - 
          • Jenny Mergele 22.57 lbs.  
          • Brenda Mareth 15.47 lbs. 
      • Next Tournament will be on Canyon Lake, with ˝ day fishing followed by club picnic.

    Motion was made to Adjourn and meeting was adjourned at ? p.m.


    The next Metro meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. @ the VFW on Aviation Boulevard in Universal City, Texas


    San Antonio Metropolitan League of Bass Clubs



    October 19, 2016

    1. Brenda Mareth, president called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.
    2. Roll Call: Five clubs were present.  Clubs attending were:  Alamo, Helotes, SABC, and UCBC.  Clubs absent were SAPD, Elite and STBC.
    3. Secretary Report: The Sept minutes were distributed at the meeting and via email. The minutes were approved as presented.  
    4. Treasurer's Report: Bill Freeman presented treasurer report; Treasurer's report was approved
    5. Announcements:
      1. TABC report: Woody Woodruff reported they had a great TABC State turn out with 184 anglers participating on Lake Livingston. The stumps and other under water debris took the life's of anglers lower units. The volunteer fire dept. prepared a delicious meal. TABC for 2017 will be held at Falcon Lake. The 1st board meeting for 2017 will be held on Jan 28th @ 10am Bass Pro Shop in Round Rock

    1. Old Business: 
      1. Results from City were distributed by email to all clubs and Brenda gave out a quick update on city. City was another huge success. The final report on financials will be given at next months meeting.
      2. Brenda THANKED Debbie from the Del Rio Convention and Visitors Bureau who provided banquet room and meal, the border buttermilk and on top of that gave a sizable sponsorship. The Del Rio convention and visitors bureau were very gracious in helping METRO have a smooth tournament.
      3. Brenda thanked Susan Osborne for another year of doing a great job getting anglers registered and helping with weigh in recording weights and Scott Hutzler for another successful year of getting weights recorded and results out quick. Brenda stressed this 2 people play a huge role in helping city be a huge success and help with it running smooth.
      4. Brenda also THANKED these guys for a successful weigh in  Dean Amos (UCBC Bass Club)  Wayne Tauer (Rebel Bass Club), Johnnie Barnes (SAPD Bassbusters), Greg Burger ( SAPD Bassbusters), Wade Eichman (SAPD Bassbusters) for doing a great job at getting fish weighed in Quickly,and recording the weighs and doing a good job at fish care and handling the fish. This is a big part in City to insure weigh in runs smooth, fast and efficiently. Brenda reported everything ran smooth there were no complaints.
      5. Brenda also… THANKED Mitch Strait and his son n law (Helotes Bass Club) for getting everyone their weigh bags.

    Deborah Gussman she gets all the weigh slips ready and gets them handed out.

    Dolline Holmes (UCBC Bass Club) for selling raffle tickets and help with traffic control, Harvey Holmes for helping with traffic.

    Pat Scmeokel (UCBC Bass Club) played a huge role in selling raffle tickets, helping with traffic, weigh in, and registration.

      1. Brenda let everyone know that Wayne Tauer (Rebel Bass Club) and  Dean Amos (UCBC bass club) did a great on doing Calcutta. We had some good participation in Calcutta this year.              
      2. Brenda THANKED Dean Amos for handling the optional side pot. We had 75 anglers that participated Putting the side pot at $1,500.00

    Winners were Saturdays side pot 1st place Clinton Kosub  took home $450.00

                                                          2nd place William Freeman $300.00

                            Sundays side pot   1st place William Freeman $450.00

                                                          2nd place Johnnie Barnes $300.00

    William (Bill) Freeman decided next year there will be no hesitation on entering. Bill did not want to enter this year he said he would never win. But reluctantly gave his entry fee.

    Brenda reported that everyone's HELP is what made METRO another SUCCESSFUL year. AND Thanked everyone for all they do. And A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that helped and if she missed your name she apologizes.

    Brenda was also thanked by everyone for all the time and effort she puts in to make it a success. 

      1. This year Brenda picked up donations for  the ice chest drawing it was a pelican ice chest donated by Butch Byrom with Frontier RV in Rockport, TX the $20.00 raffle brought in $680.00
      2. We also had items donated that we were able to put in the silent auction which brought in $887.00 into METRO's funds. 

    1. New Business:
      1. Discussion was brought up about doing caps next year instead of t-shirts. Brenda said, she will definitely consider this. Trying to get shirt sizes can be very difficult and caps would make it easier.
      2. Discussion was also brought up about switching entries to another angler name if the paid angler cannot make the city tournament. Scott Hutzler, made the motion that if you cannot make the tournament after you pay your entry fee. Your registration cannot be turned over to another non paid angler for his or hers registration fee. The registration will not be refundable. 2nd by Dean Amos. The floor voted and motion passed.
      3. Brenda brought up that she received a call from Del Rio prior to our City tournament. It appears Del Rio was approached by TABC on their upcoming 2017 State tournament. Del Rio gave them (TABC) a $ amount that they would donate to them. TABC was not happy with that and proceeded in letting DEL RIO know that TABC does more than METRO does in the fishing industry. So, in the future METRO will not give out a $ amount of what we receive from our major sponsors.  Brenda reported we had close to 167 anglers that fish the METRO tournament and all these anglers booked rooms, bought gas and food, etc. Not just for one or 2 months out of the year. But, that most of the clubs that fish city, fish Amistad 4 to 5 times during the year. Del Rio understood just asked that we not share with other organizations, to keep from such organizations calling and asking for the same thing they gave METRO.
      4. Brenda reminded all clubs that nominations for the 2017 officers would take place at the upcoming November meeting and voted on at the Dec meeting. Brenda asked if someone would step up for secretary Susan Osborne is stepping down, she has to much on her plate at this time with her very busy job. Susan Osborne has done a wonderful job at being secretary for METRO.  

    Woody Woodruff nominated himself for treasurer.

    1. Clubs reported on their upcoming tournaments:

    All clubs fished city. The results will be attached.

    Motion was made to Adjourn meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm


    The next Metro meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November  16, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. @ the VFW on Aviation Boulevard in Universal City, Texas

    Susan Osborne

    the METRO Secretary


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