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January 29, 2020, 01:05:20 PM

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2016 City Championship is fast approaching.

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Annual Tournament

1.     Normally, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees will appoint a Metro League member to serve as Tournament Chairman. This individual may, if he/she so desires, select one or more persons to assist. Should the Chairman of the Board choose not to appoint a Tournament Chairman, the responsibility for aspects of the Tournament shall fall upon the Board of Trustees as a group.

2.     This Tournament will be held annually on a weekend agreed upon by the Board of Trustees. After the dates have been set, no change may be made unless thirty (30) days prior notice is given to all member clubs of the League.

3.     The site of the Tournament will be determined by majority vote of the members of the Board of Trustees. Site selection should be completed as early as possible in the year to allow adequate time for contact with proprietors of potential Tournament headquarters.

4.     The Tournament fee will be determined by majority vote of the Board of Trustees.

5.     Any member in good standing of a current Metro League member club is eligible to compete in the Tournament.

6.     When required, judges will be appointed from among the members of the Board of Trustees by the Tournament Chairman or, it no Tournament Chairman, by majority of the Board. Awards, in the form of trophies or plaques, will be awarded to:

               1. The club having the heaviest combined stringer weight of its top 8 fishermen for the two days of the Tournament.
               2. The individual weighing in the single heaviest bass.
               3. The individual weighing in the heaviest two-day total stringer weight.

7.     Actual weighing of the fish both days will be done by the Board of Trustees or its designee.

8.  Scales will be verified for accuracy prior to their use.

9.   Measurement of fish will be determined according to Texas State law.

10.  The Tournament Chairman will be the official timer for the tournament. In his/her absence, or if no Tournament Chairman is appointed, the Chairman of the Board will serve in this capacity.

11.  A meal may be served after the Saturday weigh-in. The price of the meal will be determined by the Board of Trustees.

12.  Duties for the Tournament, which will be assigned to member clubs by lot at a regular business meeting preceding the tournament.

13.  A letter detailing the Tournament rules shall be established and published to all Trustees within a minimum 30 days prior to the Tournament.

14.  After the completion of the Tournament, the Tournament Chairman, or if not Tournament Chairman appointed, the Chairman of the Board is required to present a written after action statement to the Board of Directors to include Tournament results and financial obligations.

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