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2016 City Championship is fast approaching.

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Meeting Minutes - October 2014

San Antonio Metropolitan League of Bass Clubs



October 15th, 2014

Brenda Mareth, President, called the October 15th , meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.

Roll Call: There were 7 clubs present and 2 absent.  Clubs attending were:  Rebel Bass Club, S.A.P.D., Universal City, Helotes, Alamo, San Antonio Bass Cub and Lone Star Lunkers.    Those not in attendance were: Elite, 

And Who-Dat Bass Club.

3. Secretary Report: The September minutes were distributed by email and were available at the meeting. The   

             Meetings were approved and accepted. 

4. Treasurer's Report: Metro's financial report was provided by Bill Freeman and accepted.  We presently have $24,630.05 in the Metro account as of September statement.  The treasurer's report is not reflecting all METRO  

              city Tournament income or expenses.

Brenda gave information on Friends of Reservoir It's all day on Saturday (Oct 25) and a half day on Sunday (done by Noon).  It's at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens.    It's an opportunity to learn

      more about Friends of  Reservoirs, collaborate with others who are interested in fish habitat improvements in

     TX (and other states too) and see presentations on the kinds of projects that are actually happening 

      here and in other places.    


Results from City were distributed by email to all clubs and Brenda gave out a quick update on city. 

City was another huge success. The final report on financials will be given at next months meeting.


            Brenda THANKED Karen from the Zapata County Convention and Visitors Bureau whom came out 

            To our banquet on Saturday evening to present the check to METRO for $8,000.00 that was

            given to METRO by the Zapata Commissioners Court.

            Brenda THANKED James Bendele from Falcon Lake Tackle for all his hard work he put into the tournament 

            Weigh in. James did an awesome job with the fish care.  Brandon Beck suggested we give him a bottle of whiskey  

            for his help. It was agreed by all members for his help.

            Brandon donated a bottle and will deliver to him.  Brenda reminded everyone to be sure when visiting Zapata

            To stop in at the tackle shop give James a thank you and spend a buck or two.

           Brenda reported we had 25 dead fish brought into weigh in. Be sure your live wells are working properly.

            A big Kudos to Tony Romos Resturant out of Laredo. The food was excellent. We had no complaints so we 

            Know everyone enjoyed it.

            Brenda THANKED Susan Osborne and Scott Hutzler for the always fabulous job they do with registration

            Susan also assisted with weighin helping get the weights wrote down. Scott does a wonderful job getting the 

            Weights inputted. We added a program this year in getting checks printed out on Sunday it ran a little smoother 

            And faster with it being the first year we did find ways we can tweek it for next year for even faster results.

           A big THANK YOU went out to Dean Amos (SAPD Bass Club) and Wayne Tauer (Rebel Bass Club) for doing a  

           great job at getting fish weighed in Quickly and doing a good job handling the fish.




            Brenda also… THANKED Stan Foltz (UCBC bass club) for getting everyone their weigh bags.

           Deborah Gussman she gets all the weigh slips ready and gets them handed out.

            Louise Jurica  (UCBC Bass Club)for selling raffle tickets

            Louise and Bumpy Jurica (UCBC Bass Club) for traffic control

           Wayne Tauer  (Rebel Bass Club) for handling our Calcutta

           Brenda THANKED Dean Amos for handling the optional side pot. We had 65 anglers that participated

           Putting the side pot at $1,300.00 for a 50-30-20 split each day.

            Winners were : 


             Brenda THANKED Bill Meckel from (SABC Bass Club) for getting the feeder for the raffle.

             Brenda reported the raffle was all profit.

             Brenda THANKED all the sponsors that gave $200.00 to help support METRO 

     Boat Shop--- Wayne Tauer

      Metro Ambulance--- Brian Beck

      Dental Sleep Solutions--- Richard Drake

     Statewide Aire & Heating

                       Bass Cat Boats

     A-1 Homes

     Oso Blanco Motel

     Falcon Lake Tackle

                       China Grove General Store

             Blastin Air Conditioning & Heating   Woodie Taylor

                       Sweeney Feeders

                       Bulverde Taxidermy

                      Vestal Steel Specialties       Walter Vestal

                        Banis Towing

                        David Teplicek







Canyon Lake Bass Lake is sponsoring Wounded Warriors tournament. It  will be held October 25, 2014 at 

Lake Bastrop. They are asking for volunteers to help take out fisherman.


8.       Brenda reminded all clubs that nominations for the 2015 officers would take place at the upcoming November meeting.  

9.        Lonestar Lunkers had some great suggestions for next years tournament. They are all good suggestions and 

            Scott Hutzler suggested a Club side pot each club put money in and the top 3 clubs split winnings 50-30-20

            Brenda informed everyone we would have a meeting to go over all suggestions the first part of next year. If

            Your club has suggestions bring them to the Nov. meeting


10. Brenda  went "around the room" asking each of the clubs in attendance where they were going to fish next.  


11.      The next Metro meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 19th, 7:30 p.m. @ the VFW on Aviation Boulevard in Universal City, Texas 

Susan Osborne

METRO Secretary


Metro Meeting, Wednesday, November 19th, 7:30 p.m., Universal City VFW

Nomination of Officers for the 2015 Year - to be held during the November meeting

Metro Meeting, Wednesday, December 17th, 7:30 p.m., Universal City VFW

Elections of Officers for the 2015 Year - to be held during the December meeting


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